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Oct 24, 2022 - Nov 2, 2022

Conscious Consumer Academy

  • 10Days
  • 14Steps


YOU MATTER. And YOUR HABITS MATTER. And it's essential to making long-lasting changes in our world that you can talk about them. Our “Conscious Consumer Academy” course will give you the know-how to communicate how our habits of consumption are affecting the planet and how we can stop contributing to further degradation of the Earth and its natural resources TODAY. In taking this course, you will not only learn to engage in effective conversation about the environmental crisis, but also to save yourself both TIME and MONEY by addressing the day-to-day purchases you make that are neither benefiting you nor the planet, as well as regain your hope in humanity. In this 10-day course, you will learn: *How to use vocabulary related to the conversation on the environmental crisis (reiterating important, hard-to-master grammar points) *How to speak confidently about an individual's role in the economy and recognize the consumer choices available that could EASILY reduce YOUR impact on the planet *How to awaken your eco-consciousness and minimize your participation in the further destruction of our planet and its resources (which in turn, saves YOU a lot of time, energy, and money) *How to effectively navigate the materials economy and SAY NO to unethical businesses lacking ethical responsibility *How to transform from being PART OF THE PROBLEM to becoming PART OF THE SOLUTION

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Conscious Consumer Academy (exclusive access)

Conscious Consumer Academy (exclusive access)

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