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Conscious Consumer Academy

Looking to inspire people in your community and engage them in the conversation on eco-consciousness and sustainable living, but don't know how?

Wondering how YOU can make a difference in the preservation and conservation of Earth's precious resources without leaving your job to defend your local forest 24 hours a day

Wishing that there were more you could do to help save the planet but aren't ready to to devote your entire wakeful life to planting trees and picking up trash?

Because you can! It all starts with your HABITS!

And we'd love for you to join us in the conversation!

Don't believe how powerful social norms and ideas are in shaping our future? 

Take a look at this short Ted-ed video: How to Understand Power

Become a Master of the English Conversation on Consumption  

This step-by-step 10-day starter course is designed for the level B2 English language student who is ready to make a difference but doesn’t know where to begin- the student who knows how important each and every one of us is as a member of the global community but feels the problem is far too big for one human to make a difference. BECAUSE THAT’S JUST NOT TRUE!



And it's essential that you can talk about them, in order to lead others just like you to committing to more sustainable living practices that will lead us ALL toward a brighter future.


You don't have to be an expert to talk about eco-consciousness and sustainable living-

You just have to know how to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY.


And you can communicate both effectively AND simply if you:

1) use the right vocabulary words

2) use those terms correctly in the right context (with good grammar)

And that's just what Conscious Consumer Academy is designed to teach you to do.


CCA will give you the know-how to communicate about our habits of consumption, how those habits are affecting the planet and how we can stop contributing to further degradation of the Earth and its natural resources TODAY.

In taking this course, you will not only learn to engage in effective conversation about the environmental crisis, but also to save yourself both TIME and MONEY by addressing the day-to-day purchases you make that are neither benefiting you nor the planet, as well as regain your hope in the future of our world.


In this 30-day course, you will learn:

*How to use vocabulary related to the conversation on the environmental crisis (with reiteration on important, hard-to-master grammar points)

*How to speak confidently about an individual's role in the market economy and recognize the consumer choices available that could EASILY reduce YOUR impact on the planet

*How to minimize your participation in the further destruction of our planet and its resources (which in turn, saves YOU a lot of time, energy, and money)

*How to effectively navigate the materials economy and SAY NO to businesses lacking ethical responsibility

*How to transform from being PART OF THE PROBLEM to becoming PART OF THE SOLUTION


What's included in the course? 

*35+ lessons addressing CCA's central focus questions (5 modules): 

  1. What does Earth provide? (vocabulary related to natural resources)

  2. Am I separate from or a part of nature? (exploring small ways to build a better relationship with the natural world)

  3. What habits do I have as a daily consumer that I could improve to help take care better of our planet(basics of the materials economy)

  4. How can I more confidently lead the conversation about eco-consciousness and sustainable living in my own community? In the world?

  5. What else can I do to be a part of the solution? (self-exploration and the road ahead) $899 value 

*Resource library containing: 

OSE-exclusive workbook (for grammar mastery and reflection), "250 Key Vocabulary Words" list (with definitions and example sentences), "Scientific Research and Current Events" website list (to build reading skills as part of self-study and further exploration in the topic of conservation), YouTube videos/channels list (non-affiliates of OSE), "Influential Literature" List (your tutor's personal collection), writing prompts accompanying each module $449 value

*OSE's Preferred Membership for ONE YEAR + LIFETIME access to our private Facebook Community $349 value

$100 off our BRAND NEW upcoming course (starting April 2023): Circular Economy Master (for business owners and entrepreneurs ready to meet the latest standards in global business practices

And now, we’re now offering these bonuses for a LIMITED TIME:

Weekly Live Group Discussion Sessions valued at $396:

+2 Added Live Group Discussion Sessions valued at $198:

"Habits of Time Consumption: Time Management Practices to make Self-Study a New Personal Norm

"Speak Confidently: Let Go of Self-Doubt and Believe in the Power Within

A total value of $2391

for only $239

30 days of intensive practice and support

Because we feel it's a course that MATTERS, just like YOU and OUR habits MATTER 

 If you are not complete satisfied after being granted access to the first live session and module 1, we will FULLY REFUND your purchase

Join the waiting list today!

Spots are limited, enrollment ends Friday, 24 March, 2023

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