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Open Shores English Diary Entry #1

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

It's been two weeks now since we first went live with, and it's been a time.

Today, I (Deanna) hosted our first-ever Meet-and-Greet from my account with Zoom, after spending the last few days scrambling around on social media pages to post enticing invitations from both my personal and official account, and I am excited to announce that...

three people attended!

Granted, one- whom I'd talked with on (a site that helps companies contract freelancers for part-time or temporary work, with which, no, I am no affiliated) just this morning about a gig for the site- couldn't properly participate because of Internet issues in the countryside (part of the very issue we'd like to discuss when creating a space for "conservation conversation" is that many people who want to participate have poor internet services where they live), and another was a student from five years ago whom I'd talked to just this Monday, but I spent a solid half hour getting to know a woman from GB who is actively involved in her host community (she, like myself, is living outside her native country) and has been for years, who was excited to join the conversation on eco-consciousness and share her own resources related to grassroots organizations, agreeing to attend our session next week!

So, overall, I'd consider the day a great success.

With that, I'd like to invite everyone to participate in next week's *advanced English* Wednesday Meet-and-Greet at 14:30 (GMT +01:00) OR, for those who are still working on building their self confidence, our *beginner/intermediate English* Wednesday Meet-and-Greet at 15:00 (GMT +01:00). (Update 29 June 2022: 15:00 class now reserved for students in Myanmar)

You never know who you're going to meet!

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