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OSE's Bi-Weekly Update #3

We're coming up on the third month of Open Shores English and it's time we've brought on the heat of summer!

The library in this Spanish city is on holiday (29 July 2022). I'm dumbfounded, but we're still here. Just wondering... where do the kids go to get their library books?

Anyways, we ain't checkin' out on y'all just yet!

But, hey, we're not out here passing judgement in this kind of weather. 😂

Just trying to get the conversation started.

1. That's why all summer long, we've got live conversation sessions, now and every Wednesday for the months of August and September!

Slots are filling fast but not without the usual technological hiccups.

2. If you OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE is having trouble signing up on our site, we've got you covered. Here's the How to Sign Up for Open Shores English YouTube video.

Remember: the live conversation sessions are now Facebook official- they won't stay small for long!

We are coordinating with our tutors and volunteers to offer more time slots as the summer continues.

Sign up today while we have an intimate group for building the foundations of this opportunity!

3. Our Private Facebook Group has made great contributions already to how we will manage the Wednesday sessions, as well as brought a number of people together who are not only interested in learning English, but in taking on challenging topics of conversation.

To this group, a huge thank you.

And because of this group, I've personally had the humble pleasure of e-meeting a person from Afghanistan so

4. our site is now available in Pashto.

We have had more recent members join from Lesotho, Indonesia, and Bangladesh as well, so we want to welcome speakers of all other languages to tell us what language they'd like to see next on our website.

5. In case you didn't see it last time, we've got our Youtube video up on An Introduction to the Scarcity of Water for anyone who is interested in getting a better grasp of key vocabulary used in Open Shores English curriculum, with a core focus on conservation and eco-consciousness

6. and the Summer Penpal Program continues...

Not without a few bumps along the mail carrier's e-way but we're makin' it happ'n, cap'n!

And on that note, because a shoutout a week is still not enough:

a million thanks to Kaynosh for her continued dedication to logistics of our Penpal Program and her Children's Book Club!

7. With that, don't forget to check out Kaynosh's penultimate Children's Book Club, where her students get brave this time and read chapter 3 for YOU, from Obafemi Awolowo's biography!

They discuss some of the questions that arose during chapter 2 related to Awolowo's childhood, the influence his father and society had on him growing up, as well as how the students can recognize within themselves the most common, simple, and yet powerful qualities- like hard work and perseverance- that great leaders have shown throughout history.

If you'd like to participate in the conversation Kaynosh's students are having related to knowledge, integrity, hard-work, and forces of change, please write to us at . We'd love to bring your ideas into this Saturday's session.

And please stay tuned for this past Saturday!

We're not falling behind, just reorganizing our perception of time!

Thanks to everyone who continues to show us support in keeping the conversation going.

Stay Open, Fam!

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