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OSE's Monthly Newsletter (August)

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

More than half the month of August is gone already?

Where does the time go?

To perfecting our plan for the FALL SEMESTER, of course!

This cover photo update on Facebook I took at the start of summer, just before leaving my home-away-from-home for two years. Goodbyes and changes can be bittersweet but who doesn't love new beginnings?

1. And we are PUMPED for the fall semester! Take a look at some of our upcoming courses offered for children and adults on eco-consciousness and sustainable living, as we continue to ensure a unique experience for students with our personalized lesson plans.

And what’s more,

2. we remind y'all again that this semester we have Dina, our Spanish language tutor!

Check out how she’s helping us all stay afloat with her first meditation session on our brand new YouTube playlist dedicated to spiritual resources (where ALL spiritual guidance is welcome, to maintain inclusivity)

Whether you’re a businessperson, university student, stay at home mom or surfer on the beach, we’re confident that Dina’s short, guided meditation practices are just what you need to be reminded that:

You are strong

You have everything it takes to fulfill your destiny

And YOU can be not only a person who loves yourself but also

a person who loves the world in return

With that, there are additional resources included in the playlist help us reconfirm our commitment to supporting *everyone* on their journey to a better tomorrow.

Tell us what else you want to see!


4. Because we know life isn’t always easy.

We’re here not only here to talk, but to listen as well.

It’s part of why the conversations during the Children’s Book Club provide so much value to Open Shores English, to hear the voices of the children, and so another shout out to OSE tutor Kaynosh (who spoke at the International African Writers Association two weekends ago) for somehow managing it all.

5. We also had our first volunteer come in to help with the Wednesday Conversation Sessions last week and we thank her again for coming to give us great new ideas for sustainable living- thank you Natalie!

Don’t forget- free conversation sessions every Wednesday of summer!

Sign up now if you haven’t already!

You can see last week's recording on Youtube here.

Unfortunately, this week's session recording got lost to the internet,

6. but this is a brief overview of what we covered in class here (prep materials for 17 August Conversation Course)

7. We guess you'll just have to come get proof of our last session from our attendees in our Facebook group.

We're also holding polls regularly to get a better idea of what sort of resources are most helpful for the beginners. (And ptsstt.... there's a Feminine Energy Facebook group, too)

8. But if you’re already like a lot of our participants and are working on communicating your ideas more clearly, we’d love to invite you to take part in our “Discussion: Challenges on Conservation Course (private, 2-on-1 course)”, as there’s still time to sign up!

You can find the details here and reserve your spot here

9. Finally, we'd like to announce that we've invited some volunteer contributors and we love how they're using our site to express their ideas and share thoughts about life in other places.

We believe in bringing people from around the world to join the conversation.

The contributions we received this week come from two of our Facebook Group members, Fay Rouz and Nalugo.

Thank you for believing in us and helping us start the conversation.

We look forward to seeing what else they have for us as the conversation unfolds.

Never a dull moment, I swear to it!

Stay Open, Fam!

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