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OSE's Monthly Newsletter (December)

below: Fez, Morocco, 25 December 2019

The last few days of the solar year are quickly approaching, and we at Open Shores English are looking forward to starting a new chapter.

For some, this time is designated to holiday shopping, gift-giving, and making memories with the people they love. For others, it may be a time of inner reflection; of taking stock of the fruits of their labor after the autumn harvest- or, if they find themselves in the southern hemisphere, of celebrating the summer sun again.

For others still, it’s a chance to give back to their communities.

With our final newsletter of 2022, we want to share our gratitude to all who have given us hope for sustainability education in the coming year.

And while the year has brought OSE into contact with a number of people around the world who are part of their communities’ solutions, Kaynosh B! and her work in the education sector of Lagos, Nigeria, have had an everlasting effect on our idea of what it means to truly make a difference.

With that, a huge shoutout to Kaynosh this season, who has given away more than a thousand books to the kids in her city with Project 1000, instilling the passion for reading into the lives of the young people around her, and fostering organic growth in the field of education.

1. Check her out in this interview, where she goes into further detail about Project 1000 and how readers today become the leaders of the future.

We appreciate all that you do to plant the seeds of change, Kaynosh. Stay inspirational.

If our readers are interested in knowing more about Kaynosh’s work with Project 1000, please see the YouTube video description, or simply let us know and we’ll get y’all in touch.

And while we’re on the subject of new acquaintances fostering forward movement,

2. here are some resources from Renewable English on how to stay eco-consciousness without sacrificing holiday spirit this season (or any other holiday season, for that matter).

3. For our teacher friends, you can also check RE out for resources on going green in your classroom here.

The year has truly been chock-full of conversation and doors opened to new online spaces, where we have found support for our own community while also supporting others.

4. The idea of the whole being so much more than the sum of its parts is what led us to starting our now-PUBLIC Facebook group, where is where our social media energy will be dedicated for the year to come.

5. If you’d like to know more about the purpose of the Education for Eco-Consciousness and Sustainable Living group, you can watch the group introduction video here.

In a nutshell, we want to remind our community members that we can all- each and every one of us- be a part of the solution- not only to the environmental crisis that we’re confronting as a global community, but also to the difficulties the people in our local communities are facing as well, and that our everyday interactions with people DO make a difference.

We play an important role as part of both our communities and the world- with our individual choices, we are impacting the perceptions of other people. And every piece of the greater whole matters.

In case you feel like you need some good news on the topic of scientific discovery and the powerful potential in all the natural unknown,

6. here’s an article for you on mushrooms that turn plastic into organic material!

Imagine all the things we still don’t know!

For that matter, a simple reminder:

Sustainability education isn’t meant to discourage learners from holding out hope for the future.

Yes, the fact of the matter is that we are at a breaking point, perhaps beyond it, and the effects of human impact and unconscious consumption will undoubtedly have a profound way of reshaping our human existence.

That being said, we want our students to keep in mind just how adaptable mankind has proven itself to be, and staying informed can be achieved while maintaining a level head.

7. Please take a look at the free courses from the UN devoted to sustainability and climate change education so that you can better understand the road ahead, and remember that we are in this together.

Additionally, we invite you to reach out at any time, should you ever feel the need to talk more about the negative effects of awareness- we’ll support you in swimming (or even better, floating) through the plethora of information, rather than drowning in it.

And if you’re a teacher simply wondering how to fit sustainability into the upcoming semester’s curriculum,

8. some inspiration here from the British Council’s Teaching English “Climate action in
language education” course, where they show how easily we can build eco-consciousness and sustainability education into an everyday grammar lesson.

9. With that, we want to remind you that the weekly group conversation sessions with OSE will continue in the upcoming year (sign up here), and that we continue to support you (and your students) in your English language practice.

Last but not least: as promised,

10. OSE’s end-of-year, biggest announcement yet!

If YOU want to be part of the conversation on sustainability- to build your confidence in discussing topics related to the current environmental, social, and economic context and possibilities for the road ahead,

A monthly membership is now available.

Students who sign up before 1 February 2023 can use the discount code: IMPACT2023 to receive a 50% discount to monthly subscriptions for the ENTIRE YEAR.

**Bi-weekly group coaching sessions for how to bring sustainability to the forefront of your everyday conversations- both in and out of the classroom (2h/month)

**Monthly MASTERCLASS for English grammar/sentence building (1h/month)

**Weekly speaking practice with other OSE Premium members

**Monthly goal setting session (for both personal and professional growth) (1h/month)

*Access to OSE's Premium Member study group for extra support (where group members will vote on the date/time of our MASTERCLASS and bi-weekly couching sessions)

*Access to group coaching sessions and masterclass recordings

Ready? Head over to our subscriptions page to take advantage of this one-time deal.

If you’d like more details before jumping in, please get in touch:

Wrapping it up for now with a happy holiday season to those celebrating, a congratulations to the friends who just started their winter vacation, and a word of encouragement to our students in China to just... keep... going- you’re almost there!

Until 2023, Fam!

Stay warm out there


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