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OSE's Monthly Newsletter (October)


Pictured below: Monywa, Myanmar, October 2017

Yes indeed, it is in fact THAT TIME again-

The time for updates on OSE’s most recent activity!

If you’re a teacher in a brick-and-mortar school (like I was when I took this photo), you’re probably already counting down the days until the winter holiday.

And let it be known that WE at OSE FEEL FOR and APPRECIATE YOU.

Y’all are out there doing some TOUGH WORK and we just want to remind you that OSE is here to support you in any way that we can as the school year continues.

Parents- friendly reminder to thank your child’s homeroom teacher.

(OSE community- friendly reminder to count your blessings.)

On the other side of the human perception of time, here at OSE, we have to ask ourselves regularly:

Has another day, week, month passed already?

Is it really Wednesday, the 12th, October AGAIN?

At this rate, we’re going to be celebrating our 100 year anniversary before we have time to blink!

A lot has been happening as we hit the middle of our FIFTH MONTH since OSE first got started and here are just a few…

The start date (24 October) for Conscious Consumer Academy is rapidly approaching and

1. we’ve got 10 of the most frequently asked questions about CCA for you here:

Please see the description for a rundown of the FAQs in case a 12-minute video is not your jam and leave comments with additional questions right there under the video

And while we’re on the topic of avoiding lengthy videos...

(because we know very well that your- and our- time is better spent playing outside),

2. here’s a short clip from our first ever 3-day Conversation on Conservation Challenge in which the REAL reason for CCA’s inception is revealed!

If you weren’t able to attend the Live event,

3. we’ve got live recordings in our Facebook group

and will keep you updated there for the start date of the next free challenge!

Additionally, If you feel like you’ve missed out on this or other social media events held by OSE

4. you can join our Private OSE English Language Resources Facebook group to stay in-the-know!

As you may have already guessed, OSE's September Interviews have come to a close with

5. OSE volunteer Natalie’s interview, and have left us already looking forward to next year (don’t blink!)

And, if you’d like to know more about the topics we covered with Cyril of Jamil’s Tutorial Hub during the third interview, (which, due to operator errors, was not recorded) you can send a quick email and we’ll give you the full rundown

(teaser: we explored the topic of the three kinds learners)

As one door (temporarily) closes, another opens!

6. And with the start of the month, students in China have all officially been enrolled in their 26-week courses, receiving invitations to their respective study groups!

We want to encourage them to post often with any questions that come up while we move through the National Geographic Learning curriculum, as we’re in the process of creating a reward system for our most engaging student leaders

To foster even greater diversity among the OSE student body,

7. Preferred Members not enrolled in 26-week courses now have access to those resources provided to private 1:1 students and are also invited to participate in age-appropriate study groups

If there are any questions about the monitoring of these groups to ensure the safety and privacy of its participants, please do not hesitate to contact us at

And to keep on the same wave as memberships,

8. Plus Members are in the process of determining the most suitable time for weekly group discussions, as both children and adults flow into their designated places

If you have not already posted your preference for a day of the week and time in your group, we encourage you to do so today

If you are still wondering how OSE can best serve you and your needs,
9. we encourage you to fill out this survey
Survey (1)
Download PDF • 516KB

10. And finally, EVERYONE is invited to personally thank OSE’s conversation session volunteer Natalie today at 4:00PM, because without her the free conversation would have ended (as planned) in September! Today’s topic: healing the inner child

We can assure you that you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, so go sign up before it’s too late!

We’ll sign off for now but it’ll be November (again!) before we know it.

Until then, happy learning and happy growing, fam!

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