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OSE's Monthly Newsletter (September)

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Autumn is almost here...

And the fall semester has already begun!

Students in China are gearing up for their 26-week private courses and the school year is officially in full swing.

This cover photo is from one year ago this week, when I had friends who enjoyed hiking and they managed to drag me away from my computer for an afternoon.

It's good to mix things up a bit every now and then but I'm glad to be at my computer when it's time for the grind.

And anyway, speaking of grinds and mix-ups,

1. September has brought some incredible new opportunities to get to know OSE tutors and our followers in our first annual round of OSE September Interviews!

Now's your chance to officially meet OSE tutor Kaynosh Betiku, organizer of the Children's Book Club at her own home in the capital city of Nigeria, in the first episode of our interview series on Youtube.

Just six days after getting a better idea of school in Nigeria and just how the Children's Book Club got started,

2. I had the pleasure of learning more about Stella Lui, a personal student's parent, in the second episode of our interview series, where she reminded us that before we are employees, community members, or even mothers, we are ourselves.

You can listen to Stella's audio and watch me stare intently (she was on camera during the interview, I swear) in the recording (also on YouTube) here.

3. And while we're on the subject of new opportunities via video/audio, here's the link to last Thursday's Facebook live, in which (despite being a bit under the weather) I have the chance to explain a little more about what Open Shores English is really about:

supporting students on their journey to achieving a more sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle, in which they are able to shape their own ideas about our place in the natural world.

4. Weren't able to join us last week but still want to know more about how YOU can be a part of the solution and build your own eco-consciousness to live more sustainably?

Join us any Thursday for the rest of the month directly on our website!

We're doing Thursday afternoons live to answer all of your questions about how to further commit yourself to a brighter future by reducing your impact on the environment and taking charge of your own habits of consumption.

5. But are you REALLY in on the conversation? Then LET'S HEAR IT!

We've got a brand-new, 5 day starter course comin' in hot-

and TODAY is the LAST DAY to join the very first launch of Conscious Consumer Academy!

If this is the first you're hearing about it, worry not- let us know and we'll get you in for the next course start date.

In any case as promised, since you're here with us reading today...


Enter "STAYWOKE" at check-out TODAY or keep the code handy for next month's course (starting October 24th).

7. We've also got the Conscious Consumer Academy Interest Group on Facebook if you're not quite sure whether you're ready to take the next step to becoming more eco-conscious in order to build the sustainable lifestyle that's right for you.

And we're here to support you in whatever phase you find yourself, reminding you that wherever you are is a good place to start.

8. That's why the conversation continues in our free group sessions until the end of the month!

Sign up now if you haven’t already!

I've given up on exposing our students (granted, with their consent!) on the internet (for now!) so no new recordings of those sessions to share this week but the conversation can't stop won't stop.

Natalie (OSE's faithful volunteer), Lisa (OSE newest friend) , and I (Deanna) caught up during last Wednesday's call and it only left room for more stoke for this week's session!

9. And finally, because the stoke has to come from somewhere and we would be nothing without the positive driving forces behind us / the people who keep us committed to our own hopes and dreams-

a shout-out AND HUGE THANK YOU to OSE's biggest fan Cy with Jamil's Tutor Hub, who is doing her own part to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle and still never stops showering OSE with support.

Cy- you're a real MVP!

Until this afternoon! Mad love to you and all of our supporters from this side!

Have a great Wednesday, fam! Dream big and go hard!

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