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Productivity: An Overview

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

There are many types of productivity.

Productivity that depends on the productivity of others, like a manager's;

Productivity that depends on the dependency of others, like a teacher's;

Productivity that is feigned for the sake of appearing productive, like that of one who blinds oneself to the world with one's own suffering (as if suffering were unique to one).

The list goes on.

But then there is productivity that comes from inside of us- what some call "passion" and others have gone as far as (perhaps rightfully so) to call God- which propels us along on an invisible course that seems to come naturally, not simply to keep us busy until we've moved on to the next place in life, but to get us where we're supposed to go, wherever that may be.

And instead of patting ourselves on the back for doing our work, the very work we were meant to do, for stopping to help the people who come and ask it of us because we were meant to help them along the way, we take time to give thanks to whatever it is you call it inside of us, inside of all of us...

That thing that made it easy to lend a hand, a shoulder, or an ear.

May you find peace in the chaos on the path that you were destined to take, and listen when the world speaks.

It never stops calling.

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