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OSE's Bi-Weekly Update #1

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

2 July 2022

This week in eco-consciousness and conservation...

It's officially been one month today, so oh-happy-day to Open Shores English!

Every day is a day worth celebrating. Here's a nice photo a took on a run up to the valley.

It's the little things like runs up to the valley that we try not to take for granted.

That's why we want to take note of all the little things happening for us these days.

In the last month, we've covered some ground.

Special welcome and shout-out to Kaynosh B for everything she's done to help move OSE's projects forward in the very short time we've had together.

She has been holding Book Club meetings for her students on the weekends and it was a pleasure to be a part of their lessons today.

Here's the rundown...

1. Our Summer PenPal Program has just begun- with the first letters to China from Nigeria already en route!

2. On Saturdays, we're inviting people of the public to come watch Kaynosh's book club (16:00-18:00 GMT +01:00) and get a chance to see what kind of impact OSE contributors are making in their community

3. We now offer free classes on Wednesdays to young adults (or age 16/17) in Myanmar who have been affected by the military takeover there (many young people have been trying to emigrate and English language skills help) (15:00 GMT +01:00) *We're hoping to bring more Native speakers (not teachers, just people) in on this so that we can have more free classes but with a limit of three students per class

4. Kaynosh is leading the Children's Reading Corner that starts at the beginning of August and we are promoting that 10-week course with her (3 students max, reading materials provided)

5. She has also provided her YouTube channel for us to use as a resource on the page ( 6. The weekly Wednesday Zoom meetup (14:30 GMT +01:00) (which is for native or advanced English speakers contributing either to OSE or their own local community) continues!

Bring the whole fam! 7. Monthly payment plans are available for the large course (26-week) for students who prefer paying on a monthly basis ( , in the top menu bar under "Book Now", it's the page "Plans & Pricing")

8. Shhh... New contributor coming soon... Tune in next week to find out!

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