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OSE's Bi-Weekly Update #2

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

19 July, 2022 Week 7

From personalized course plans to extracurricular activities on social media, the momentum as week 7 comes to a close!

I know, I know. It's been a while.

The anticipation I left you with from the first weekly update has been killing you and I'm a week and two days late. You just couldn't wait to know who the new contributor is.

Actually, I had sat down to write in my personal journal after picking a pen up off the floor (organization skills in the making, guys), but decided it best- for you, for me- to catch y'all up on all of the OSE happenings of the last couple of weeks.

Just look at the benevolence!

So here you are, wait no longer. First item on the list.

1. And not only do we have our new contributor to introduce to you...

We have two!

Meet Becky

Always obsessed with animals, it was inevitable that she was going to end up fitting them in to her career somehow. From working at a riding centre over 10 years ago to travelling the world, she's seen first hand the passion, dedication and love people have for animals and the natural world. She has carried out keeper talks, bird of prey flying demonstrations, bird tours and safari schools. This is where she realised how much she enjoyed sharing my passion and teaching people about conservation and the world we all live in. She recently finished her MSc in Zoo Management and Conservation, during which she worked out in Spain carrying out research on endangered bird species. In addition, she has gained my TEFL certification, wanting a change to explore the world, help endangered flora and fauna as well as sharing her own stories and getting to know other people in all of them.

AND Dina!

A university graduate in Caribbean Studies and Latin American studies, Dina first started teaching at CUJAE university in La Habana in 2008 as an assistant English teacher. She later pursued a qualified teaching career as a Spanish tutor in her home city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. She is most passionate about teaching Spanish as a foreign language and helping her students to gain a complete insight of the Spanish language, both communicatively and culturally. Over her years of professional experience, she has been able to challenge students from "getting by" in Spanish to having meaningful conversations that are key to breaking down barriers of the understanding of the global migratory experience while awakening the awareness of what she believes we all are: “citizens of the world”. She has been working as a language tutor since 2017, with students from all parts of the world.

We couldn't be more excited to welcome the two into the OSE Community and are already getting the wheels turning with some fresh new ideas!

Take a look at our YouTube video to hear how Dina would like to help language students in business find time to relax their mind- while also exploring language- during their busy work day, and check back for more content from Becky and her work in conservation. (but follow her on instagram here)

2. Site now available in multiple languages

Spanish, Arabic, French, Portuguese and now- Urdu!

Welcome all!

*In the process now of translating all of the blogs. Technology is my friend. Technology is my friend. Technology is my friend.

3. Curriculum in the making

We've got tutor collaboration coming up for the month of August and a solid framework for course offerings with customizable learning objectives, to set you and your child up for success in the upcoming season

Bring on the language learners!

I just can't help myself as far as enjoying what I do "for work"

4. and so we've got a second diary entry,

5. and the beginnings of our Youtube Project: Teacher Behind-the-Scenes,

6. And much more importantly, we've got An Introduction to the Scarcity of Water from a writing class over the weekend with student in China.

7. The Summer Penpal Program is coming along nicely and the students come back with ever-more fascinating questions for one another each week. Thanks to the parents who help us coordinate and for their patience when letters get sent three different ways. Your support at home is a rock!

8. And last but not least, a recording from Kaynosh's Children's Book Club from this past Saturday, in which she reads chapter 2 from Obafemi Awolowo's biography.

If you'd like to participate in the conversation her students are having related to knowledge, integrity, hard-work, and forces of change, please write to us at .

Questions are available in the YouTube description and we welcome all contributions!

Thanks to everyone who continues to show us support in keeping the conversation going.

Stay Open, Fam!

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