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Open Shores English


for the world

Giving students of all languages the resources they need to find confidence in their voice on the world stage; empowering people across the globe to lead the conversation on human- and Earth-centric sustainabilitybetter businesses, and better living.

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We offer...

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced English language courses

  • Intensive communication programs for climate solutions professionals, educators, and small business owners

  • Free workshops for building sustainable living habits and eco-consciousness, exploring the relationship between language-learning and the natural world, professional development, and more

  • Book clubs

  • Community 

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About Us

Our mission at Open Shores English is to guide students in their exploration of the English language through an eco-conscious, Earth-friendly lens. We know that our students are the creators of innovative solutions to global challenges, and that they are taking part in a global conversation on mankind's role on planet Earth.  

Through language exchange, our goal in nurturing a learning environment centrally-focused on sustainability is to support others in sharing not only their own stories but their hope for the future.


Open Shores English is designed to give students the resources and support they need to develop a lifestyle conducive to foreign language learning, self-expression, conscientiousness, and personal growth. 

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