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English for 🌏Earth's: 
Pathway to Sustainable Solutions for Confident Speakers on the World Stage
7-Day Challenge

Are you a passionate advocate for the planet and its people, but struggle to articulate your ideas in English?

Do you want to become a confident leader in your community, pushing for change on a global scale?

Then join us for our 7 day challenge.

  • Elevate Your Communication:

Break through language barriers and enhance your English skills to effectively convey ideas.

  • Unleash Your Potential:

Engage in introspective activities to identify strengths and growth areas, empowering you to become a dynamic communicator.

  •  Harness Your Energy:

Develop a strategic plan, directing your energy towards activities that will strengthen your English proficiency and boost your ability to inspire change.

  • Join the Movement:

Connect with a community of like-minded changemakers, fostering collaboration, support, and shared learning experiences.

  • Maximize Your Impact:

Experience an exponential return on your investment- improved English communication skills, increased confidence, and the power to RAISE YOUR VOICE.

English for Earth's 7-Day Communication Challenge  is designed to strengthen English speaking skills for global conversations, where participants learn the necessary skills that will grow your self-confidence in communication through not only grammar review and vocabulary practice but also self-reflection and time management, as well as interaction within a supportive community, to help you develop the strategies that allow you to self-correct your study system for continued success, to achieve your biggest dreams as the confident English speaker you know you can be.

Whether you're planning to participate in formal debates, advocate for change in your local community, or simply want to develop a vital skill that will help you both personally and professionally, we want to provide you with everything you need to become a powerful and effective communicator as part of the global community. 

To join the wait-list so that you can start the challenge THIS FRIDAY, email, or use the booking calendar (see right 👉 on desktop, see below 👇 on mobile).

Hi, I'm Deanna, an English language specialist and host of the 7-day challenge.

I'm a sustainability enthusiast and SDG advocate committed to breaking down the barriers of communication and look forward to meeting you this Friday! Mark your calendar for 2:00PM GMT +2 (Rome) to get more information on how we'll transform your English practice to make you a more confident speaker on the topics that matter most to you in just 7 days. Email me with any questions and see you soon.

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From past 7-day challenge participants

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Check out this video for more information!

Join the waitlist to take part in the next *Friday* start date for the 7-day challenge

Why join the waitlist? 
  • Meet potential practice partners in pre-Challenge Facebook group 
  • Have pre-Challenge questions answered in our Welcome Day Ceremony (Zoom)
  • Receive bonus 1-on-1 session 

By registering to join us on our Welcome Day *this Friday*, you'll be added to the wait-list, becoming eligible to receive your *free* 1-on-1 session bonus (no obligation, session can be redeemed after successful challenge completion)

What do you want to do?

Option 1: I don't want to wait
I'm ready to start today and receive my go-getter discount


Option 2: I'll register for Welcome Day Ceremony to receive the 1-on-1 bonus.👇

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