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55 Mispronounced 

Mis-stressed Words
in the Sustainability Sector
Pronounce With Precision, Communicate With Clarity

​· Are you a sustainability professional or enthusiast who's tired of stumbling over complex multi-syllable words?

· Do you feel frustrated when people ask you to repeat words that you use often, or important words for your everyday work communication?

· Do you wish you could communicate more effectively in the sustainability industry?

Then check out this free guide for tips on pronouncing some of the most essential vocabulary words used to discuss the 17 SDGs, the circular economy, the renewable energy sector and more.

Why Watch?

Tailored Vocabulary: specifically designed for sustainability professionals, focusing on the vocabulary you use most often

Expert Guidance: inspired by sustainability professionals studying English language, developed with extensive experience in English language teaching and a deep understanding of the sustainability sector 

Practical Tips: actionable advice and techniques to master the pronunciation of complex multi-syllable words, helping you speak English with more confidence

By mastering these essential words, you'll be able to communicate more effectively in the sustainability industry, not only increasing your credibility among colleagues and stakeholders, but contributing confidently to global dialogue.

Worth a peek?


Check it out for free for a limited time!

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Check out this video to start improving your pronunciation today! 

Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 4.53.40 PM.png

This short yet concise video guide is designed exclusively for sustainability professionals like you.

Its aim?

To help you pronounce 55 essential vocabulary words with ease and confidence, enabling you to excel in your conversations and discussions about sustainability

Ready to watch?

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