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September Newsletter (and 7€ lessons?!)

Hello, Open Shores English fam!

It’s that time of year again, when the kids are back at school and the teachers are trying not to count the days before winter break.

Just kidding! Some of us actually like our jobs (it’s true!). (Check out this photo that wouldn't be possible without being invited to teach in Spain.)

If you’re a fellow job-lover, raise your hand ✋

And if you’re a fellow SDG supporter, raise another! 🙌 We’re really glad to have you with us and hope to meet you at our group conversation session at the end of the month.

With that, here’s the latest OSE news to break in the season:

1. September Interviews are back!

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Lucila Martelli, where she shared her dedicated work as an activist for climate crisis education, and explored several opportunities for learning how to make our own unique contributions to climate action and outreach.
You can see the full interview here:
And subscribe to get notifications for today's interview!

2. Further thanks must be expressed to Gav & Em for their commitment to raising awareness and sparking conversation around all things English language, and with much appreciation for the collaboration with OSE on their upcoming episode release about natural systems and human connectivity, we want to share one of their most recent episodes from How To English Podcast on Native Speakerism, where guest speaker Meri (a.k.a. "The Non-Native Speaker") explains why being a "native speaker" of a language doesn't inherently make you a better teacher of it, and speaks truth about the discrimination against high-quality teachers of "non-native" backgrounds.

Our gratitude to Gav & Em, and to Meri for bringing this topic to light.

3. And speaking of bringing topics to light, do you know how much content is out there in other languages that we don’t often enough get around to discussing during class?

That’s right, we’re here to promote activism and climate education in every language.

Here, you can check out the page of the volunteer organization with which we’ve been able to connect since returning back to Spain: And we invite you to share with us your favorite associations’ work to see it recognized in our next newsletter!

4. Sadly, no recording to share with your for August’s group conversation/networking session, but if you want to see what you missed in July, check it out here:

5. We had over 25 people signed up for August’s group (the reason why getting permission to share a recording was not possible) and space for September is filling fast.

Don’t forget to register if you’re planning to take part in the discussion! You can do so here:

6. We also have polls in circulation now (both in our Facebook group and on LinkedIn), one of which is for deciding on the session start time. Cast your vote to make sure we’re meeting at a time that’s convenient for you.

7. For additional convenience, we’re sharing 3 new guides this term…

One on the most essential vocabulary words for sustainability professionals:

One for phrasal verbs:

And another for the correct pronunciation of vowels!

We’d really appreciate your comments on any of them, as it will help immensely with future content that is relevant to the dedicated professionals who make up our community.

8. Unfortunately, we can’t all be experts. That’s why, if you are a sustainability professional or SDG supporter with knowledge on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs), we’d love to hear your explanation of why they don’t get more visibility in the press!

9. And speaking of experts in sustainability, a huge thank you to those who are willing to share their experience with others on the support they’ve received to achieve their English language goals.

10. Interested in joining us for the month of October?

Don’t forget about the Live Q&A to be held on LinkedIn and Facebook at 16:00 GMT +1 NEXT WEDNESDAY (20 September) for more information on our “E4E’s Coffee Chats: A 3-Week Program for Confident English Speakers Driving Sustainable Solutions”

11. Of course, if you don’t have time to tune in Live, you can find more information about the 21-day course here:

12. Coupon surprise!

The first to sign up for EACH session (08:00, 13:00 and 18:00, all times in GMT +2) with the coupon code:


will receive a 20€ discount.

Please note that the coupon expires when doors for October cohort close, on 30 September.

13. AND because I'm celebrating not going back to school until mid-October, drum roll please… 🥁

For the ENTIRE WEEK before our October Coffee Chats begin, you can schedule a 7€ 30-minute session with me (hi, everyone! Deanna here) to either:

  1. Create a quick, easy-to-follow personalized 3-week plan that will help you reach your goals by forming a habit of practicing English the way you like, with the time you have, no matter what level you’re in OR

  2. Get tips to improve your speaking skills after a brief initial conversation/assessment

    1. based on level-appropriate conversation related to the topic of your choice

    2. Free pre-test given to determine level (to be taken before 30-minute session)

Book now!

Slots are open to former students (the children! 💕) and will fill fast (15 available).

“But Deanna, why?”

Well, because I thought- the group sessions are finally what I’d hoped they could be.

The people I’ve only recently gotten to know about better are a fascinating crowd- and while the attendees of the group sessions are the ones leading our exploration of the topics dearest to me, I know that there are a shy few among us who are not ready to speak in a group session or a coffee chat, and that’s ok- because I’m sure that I can help you feel more confident in your English conversation.

We just have to talk first!

And to understand better what challenges the people I most care to serve are facing, while I have the time, I want to offer it.

So excited to show y’all what I have planned for the school year- it’s gonna be a big one!

Keep an eye on the channels

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the conversation thus far- looking forward to seeing you soon!

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