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E4E 10 Steps to Effective Communication

10 Weeks to Effective Presentations and Conversations Driving Sustainable Impact

  • Starts Apr 20
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10 Weeks to Effective Presentations and Conversations Driving Impact Week 1 Assessment & Introductions Undergo a comprehensive interview-style assessment to identify your current language proficiency level, strengths, and areas for improvement. Week 2 Setting Goals Define your specific communication goals, explaining how such goals fit into “the bigger picture”, and outline the steps you will take to reach long-term goals without burning out. Week 3 Overcoming Language Barriers Explore and employ strategies for overcoming language barriers in professional interactions, such as active listening, paraphrasing, and seeking clarification. Week 4 Gaining Confidence Engage in speaking exercises and role-plays to build confidence in expressing your (and others’) ideas and opinions on the meaning of “sustainability”. Weeks 5 and 6: Building Vocabulary/Grammar and Strengthening Pronunciation Engage in vocabulary and grammar-building exercises and learn to use industry-specific terminology to enhance your ability to confidently discuss climate solutions. Receive targeted training on pronunciation and intonation to improve clarity and fluency when speaking about complex sustainability issues. Week 7: Enhancing Listening and Comprehension Skills Practice listening to and comprehending authentic sustainability-related materials, such as presentations and stakeholder interactions. Week 8: Practicing Effective Presentation Skills Learn and practice techniques for delivering impactful presentations on sustainability topics, including structuring content, using visual aids, and engaging with potential collaborators, clients, or interviewers. Week 9: Applying Language Skills in Real-Life Scenarios Apply your language skills by giving a mock presentation +Q&A, gaining practical experience in presenting, as well as giving and receiving constructive feedback. Week 10: Continuous Improvement and Practice Address and discuss any foreseen roadblocks to continued progress after the program, learning strategies to support self-study and peer collaboration.

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