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OSE's Monthly Newsletter (November)

Exactly one year ago today 18/11/21

My, how the seasons change...

We’re closing in on the end of another solar year, and the COP27 is wrapping up its final session TODAY.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, you can read all the fine print on

1. how leaders from around the world- with climate activists and reps of civil society- are planning to achieve the massive challenges we’re facing as a global population here.

In light of this important event, Open Shores English has asked our eco-conscious viewers on YouTube what they think about climate justice, as the “more developed” and “less developed” nations hold starkly opposing opinions of what matters most (as well as drastically contrasting practices of truly sustainable living!).

2. You can check out the YouTube video here AND leave a comment, to stay a part of the conversation.

The core element of OSE's mission is to ensure that no voice is left unheard.

Help us make that possible by SPEAKING UP OFTEN!



And the more we keep climate justice at on the forefront of our day-to-day conversations- the more we talk about what's being done to counteract the negative impact that human activity has on our Earth Mother- the more eco-conscious people become; the more we realize that sustainable living isn’t a concept that can be ignored any longer; and

the better we understand the need for commitment from EVERYONE to ensure a brighter future for ALL.

If you are a teacher and want to know how you can bring these conversations into your classroom,

3. join your OSE instructor by enrolling in FREE courses from the British Council!

It doesn’t take an expert to know that we are ALL part of the problem AND the solution.


Brighter futures, possibilities, momentum, priorities…

These are all essential vocabulary that we’ll be discussing in the FREE 3-day course on how to manage your time more wisely, to help students make the most out of every free moment in our A2/B1 level “Free Time Masterclass”.

4. If you haven’t already signed up, registration has been extended to THE END OF TODAY- don’t wait! Sign up now!

On a personal note-

5. as if the "Presence, Purpose, Perspective, and Inner Peace" blog post wasn’t personal enough-

with all this talk about

momentum, priorities, and self-accountability,

yours truly (Deanna) will continue to share some raw truths about just one of the many personal journeys this human story we tell holds- the one that brought OSE to fruition- and the road ahead as part of the global community.

6. The video "Why I Teach English" is just the tip of the iceberg.

And let me admit it now- BOLD FEELS GOOD.

That's why OSE continues to encourage the members of our community to speak boldly.

With that,

7. the group conversation sessions continue on Wednesdays at 4:00 GMT +1 for the month the rest of the month.

We’ll hold another vote for the date/time of December sessions in the Facebook group, and continue working on building engagement among our group members. Thanks to everyone for their contributions!

If you like what we do, please don’t forget to show your support by

8. following us on Instagram and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

And last but not least, leaving you with a teaser…

9. HUGE new opportunities are in order for the coming year, and the December Newsletter is one you won’t want to miss.

Our biggest announcement yet-

on our commitment to the voices still unheard

and inclusion of ALL levels of English language learners-

to follow.

Thanks again for everyone who keeps up!

Love and forward movement to you and yours

Deanna at OSE

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